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If you own a lot of stuff and you’re running out of space to keep everything tidy and organized, our Value Series is an affordable solution that offers viable ways to store your belongings, without having to rent an off-site storage unit. Make your life better with budget storage!

R&B Solutions specializes in offering affordable metal buildings for use in residential or commercial applications. No longer do you have to behold to third-party storage companies to safeguard and protect your belongings while they aren’t in use.


affordable storage solutions

Our Value Series offers the extra space needed to protect valuable items from the elements and unauthorized access. While being attractive and functional, they also save hassle, time, and money. With the Value Series on your site, you don’t have to pay for expensive trips to third-party storage locations. You can also forget about having limited access during business hours or forgetting access codes to gain entry to the storage unit.

With an on-site metal building, accessing your items is as easy as walking out to your storage shed! You never have to worry about getting denied access for any reason.

get organized on premise

It isn’t uncommon for families to accrue a variety of items over the years. Regardless of whether you have an excess of household items, sporting equipment, furniture, or lawn care equipment, our R&B Solutions’ Value Series buildings provides you with the needed space for overflow storage.

Augment the space you have available in your home, take control of your surroundings by organizing things more logically in a steel building, declutter your home and garage the best way possible! When you invest in a budget storage solution, you can use it for the purposes that best suit your needs.

flexible financing options make ownership easy

R&B Solutions, the leading provider of metal buildings in the Southeast United States, offers flexible financing options for clients. Our rent-to-own (RTO) program is available for both residential and commercial clients.

Our Value Series is a straightforward storage solution that keeps things minimal. Popular upgrades to this type of steel structure include the addition of a ramp or larger than the standard garage door. Both of these upgrades make it easier to move items in and out. If you have sizeable items such as couches, lawnmowers, recreational vehicles, or sporting equipment, a large door provides more clearance. A ramp provides a flat, sloped approach to the storage unit for safety and ease of use. No matter whether you are carrying furniture or you need to roll out a lawnmower, a ramp provides stability.

each steel building includes extended warranties

Adding a budget storage building to your home, or business, is a smart investment. You can say “goodbye” to self-storage or short-term storage solutions forever. R&B offers extensive warranties on all materials and craftsmanship on all their steel building solutions. Our construction and craftsmanship warranty offers five years of protection against defective construction. Furthermore, we guarantee steel siding won’t rust through or have a structural failure for twenty years after the original purchase date.

To make ownership more accessible to people, we offer several payment options. Our objective is helping our clients solve their storage problems with an affordable and attractive alternative to traditional self-storage rental units.

If you require more space or customization options than what our budget line provides, other solutions worth considering are wood buildings or metal buildings. Both of these buildings offer buyers the opportunity to choose siding colors, as well as add windows and doors. These buildings are ideal for storage or getting transformed into functional work spaces such as a studio or as an additional sheltered area on your property.

R&B Solutions leads the way in buildings

R&B Solutions is a trusted building supplier based in Jackson, Georgia. With over a decade serving the Southeast, our customers rely on us to provide steel buildings of all shapes and sizes for their personal or business storage needs. If the time has come to break away on your dependency on third-party storage units, you can rest easy knowing that a steel building offers an affordable and long-term solution for your requirements.

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