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Pole Barns

Suitable for commercial, residential, and agricultural purposes, our Pole Barns can be fully customized to meet your specific needs.

Looking to build a Barndo? Our Pole Barn planning & installation experts work side-by-side with your builder/contractor, for a seamless transition from pole barn shell to finished home!

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Pole Barn kits are also available! Our turn-key kits include all the materials you need to successfully DIY your perfect Pole Barn!


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Pole Barn Features

Our products come in standard colors, with the option to upgrade to premium. You can pick each color for your building’s roof, trim, and siding.

Click here to view our full range of colors from which to choose.

We offer a massive range of customizable options for your building, from different-sized roll-up doors, windows, and cupolas, to various styled frame-outs and walk-in doors.

Our pole barns are available in all sorts of different styles. Drop-down, single-gable, single-slope, barn, roof-only, and combos to name a few.
You’ll also find we have a ton of popular structural options as well. These include, load ratings, post sizes, trim packages and more!

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Want to handle your Pole Barn build yourself? We offer kits for any design, we’ll even deliver it directly to you!

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We understand that your new Pole Barn represents a significant investment in your property, and for that reason, we offer extensive warranties on all custom Pole Barns.

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Georgia barndo, GA barndo, Georgia Barndominium, GA Barndominium, R&B Solutions barndominium

We build your new Pole Barn to your exact needs. Then, our team of local, dedicated, installers get to work turning your dream building into reality!

With a wide range of configurations, sizes, colors,  and finishing options, our Pole Barns allow you to create your custom building in style.

Take a look at our gallery for more inspiration, or head towards our 3D Design-Builder to design and price your dream Pole Barn!