Beautiful Building Solutions for Outdoors


Our custom (and portable!) greenhouses offer the opportunity to make your homesteading dreams come true

We offer cost-effective greenhouses with a wide selection of configurations that empower you to enjoy fresh, homegrown, produce all year long.

Suitable for agricultural endeavors, residential use, and commercial operations – our greenhouses are tailored to your requirements.

Explore our top building styles on the 3D builder.

Building Styles

The Best Home for your plants!

Customize options

The build on-site fee is based on the size of the greenhouse and the distance from the factory. Basic delivery is FREE within 50 miles from any of our stores. After 50 miles, it will be $2.99 per mile.


Including accessories and more!
Our greenhouses are available in sizes 8'x12', 10'x20', and 12'x24', and come with 1 walk-in door and 2 windows. Made from steel tubing, metal panels, and beautiful skylights, these greenhouses are the perfect home for your plants!


Financing options available
We provide flexible financing options and Rent-To-Own programs that are designed to help you find a purchasing method that works best for you - allowing you to budget much more effectively!

Additional Options

Windows, doors, and more
We offer various options for your greenhouses, such as doors, windows, and skylights, that also come in various color options for you to choose - we recommend picking colors that complement your existing property!

Fresh Home-Grown Produce All Year Long

Custom Greenhouses

Whether you want to grow your own produce for personal, recreational, or commercial purposes, you can rely on our durable building solutions to deliver the perfect home for your crops.

Our flexible structures carry unlimited customization options, such as skylights, windows, doors, that allow us to provide the right greenhouse for you.

Locally sourced produce is becoming a higher demand, and this can open many opportunities.