Terms, conditions, warranties

site access

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to have the site prepared, leveled and accessible for delivery. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to notify R&B Solutions if yard conditions are not conducive for delivery on the specified delivery date due to rain, snow, etc.  Additional fees may be incurred for deliveries cancelled within 48 hours of delivery date.  

Property owner takes FULL responsibility for any and all damages caused by delivery truck, trailer or structure to yard and property and any damages caused to structure from surrounding obstacles in the requested path of delivery, i.e. trees, shrubs, fences, wires, house overhangs etc.  Purchaser agrees to pay all tow truck fees should this be necessary. R & B Solutions is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for any damages beyond the roadside curb.


Deliveries include 45 minutes of the driver’s time. Any additional time required to deliver the structure shall be charged at a rate of $80.00 per hour. Our average delivery time is 20-30 minutes.  Blocking packages are provided at an extra charge. Additional blocks are $2 and can be purchased from the delivery driver. R&B  Solutions personnel will only level your building once. If your building loses level due to settling, you may call the corporate office and we will assist you by providing you with instructions and some helpful hints on how to properly level your building.


It is the purchaser’s sole responsibility to obtain any and all permits, variances, and other municipality required documents necessary to place the structure on the purchaser’s property.


There is a $25 fee for all returned checks. Final payment is always due upon delivery of a purchased structure. If the final payment is not received within 10 days of delivery, R & B Solutions reserves the right to re-enter your property and retrieve said structure. If retrieval is required, R&B Solutions can not be held responsible for any prior notification or any property damage that may be incurred by the removal of said structure. R&B Solutions may remove the property owners fence if necessary. The structure and all personal property inside will become the property of R&B Solutions at the time of retrieval and may be resold or disposed of at our discretion.

cancellation & refund policy

If purchasing a Pre-Built building from any one of our R&B  Solutions locations, purchaser can cancel the order with no penalty as long as the building has not been loaded and in transit to your house. Buildings needed to be manufactured can be cancelled within 10 days, after that the deposit will be non-refundable. If purchasing with cash or check, your salesperson will request to have your check cut and mailed to you. If you paid your deposit by credit/debit card you will be refunded the deposit on said card, less 5% of the charged amount to help pay the bank fees and processing fees associated with your card payment.

lead times

Completion and delivery dates are approximate only.


R&B Solutions warrants against defect in workmanship for 5 years from date of purchase. We warrant the steel roof to be free from leaks for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase. We also warrant the steel siding will not rust through or structurally fail for a period of 20 years from the date of purchase.